Official site of the Independent Film Channel and home of Independent voices in culture, music, film, andpolitics.
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Watch the latest movie trailers, find films, new film reviews and cinemas. You can get personal movie alerts and recommendations, free cinema screenings and win lots of goodies. We have a forum and a film finder to quickly search by title or location.
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Watch the latest movie trailers online courtesy of the BBC MOVIES website.
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A comprehensive film and TV database featuring in-depth trailers, reviews,  biographies and descriptive content.
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1000's of movies in over 30 categories. Many of the movies are available for free with user registration.
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Streaming media and educational resources about archaeology and indigenous peoples.
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Compelling science-based videos that inform and entertain
Published in Science / Tech featuring travel videos to destinations around the world offering tourist, excursion, vacation, and travel video guides to more places than any other site, the world's biggest Travel Video Store.
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